(biological?!) tendency to prefer it because it might increase the chance of impregnation, but here let's stick to discussion of the more obvious psychological reasons for its appeal.

When a Taken In Hand woman knows that her man is going to take her, she responds. Her body and soul are receptive, thrilled, wanting and welcoming her man. Ecstatic. In this one moment, she may go from feeling tired, stressed, distracted, or grumpy, to craving her man with an unparalleled intensity. No need for hours of the dreaded ‘foreplay’ here! (Just the word ‘foreplay’ is enough to give me a headache, and I'm a woman so goodness knows how tedious it must sound to a man!) When a man takes his woman, he takes possession of her. He acts, he dominates, he penetrates. And when he does, his Taken In Hand woman accepts, submits, receives.

The missionary position is, or can be, a natural, clear and easy expression of male dominance and female acceptance of that dominance. The woman is literally under him just as she is under his authority. It is not a position in which many Taken In Hand women would fear they were being put in the dominant position. It is not a position requiring a lot of elaborate effort for the couple to feel the masculine-feminine polarity, the man's power, and the willing surrender to that power by the woman. It is a position in which a woman can easily experience her man as being very manly, masterful, in control. And it is a position in which a man can experience his woman as being very feminine, vulnerable, soft and submissive.

How can so many couples manage to experience the missionary position as boring, unadventurous and anything but erotic? OK, don't answer that off-topic rhetorical question!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: My delicate sensibilities and prudish heart would very much appreciate responses phrased without getting explicit or graphic.]

Sarah Cavendish

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