Karmella and Julie, thanks for the compliments! And Karmella, I appreciate your input on the Dickwolf situation. Unfortunately, it did seem like a confluence of rather disastrous events. I’ll be interested to see where it all goes from here.

on March 9, 2011 at 1:52 am Guy A few comments…

The news and entertainment industries of the western world are out to make a buck any way they can, and will never let moral or ethical issues stand in the way of generating higher profits. This is why low cost and often tasteless reality shows have swarmed our airwaves like cockroaches, and why every newspaper in world will put tragedies of almost every sort on their front page. And as long as we as consumers keep rubber-necking over this junk, companies will keep shoveling more of this dreck out the door. ( thank god for cable networks like HBO, ShowTime?, and Al Jazeera )

Charlie Sheen is just another Hollywood actor with mental health issues that the entertainment world exploits any way they can, and he is able to get away with despicable behavior simply because he is famous. He needs serious long-term mental health treatment, and should be out of the public eye until he is better. ( sadly I don’t see this happening any time soon )

The whole “DickWolf?” thing got out of hand because many people did not understand what the authors of the original comic were trying to say ( that game players will mindlessly follow any task, with absolutely no acknowledgement of the moral or ethical issues of their character’s behavior ), and then the authors became pissed at being singled out for this one issue when their comic has featured many many vile and disgusting moments over the past 12 years, including a regular character that rapes fruit. Yes the authors could have shown a little more restraint and but I understand why they did what they did. ( the creators of South Park have also featured many many truly vile and tasteless moments in their cartoon, especially the “Britney’s New Look” episode which I could not watch )

…Lastly, it bothers me that both TV shows and the movies still feature mostly female rapes and murders as a regular part of their storyline. About the only male rape story that I can think of goes back almost 40 years to John Boorman’s ground breaking 1972 movie “Deliverance”. My gut feeling is that most men are very uncomfortable with the idea of male rape, and thus would never produce or endorse this type of storyline. But then why is it ok to feature female-rape or murder stories? ( even at an unconscious level, this has to be doing some serious damage to the female psyche )

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