So, it's easy to say "So I do not like the female Betta fish, so I'm going to buy a lot of beautiful male Betta fish and toss them in a large bowl of Betta fish." I have not! Now that you know how to distinguish them, to avoid by all means that throw together too many Betta male fish in an aquarium. fight others until death!

In addition, two female Betta fish in a tank, they are also very territorial and unless the tank is large enough, they will also fight other people! However, you can counteract this by placing 5 or betta fish plus women in the same tank. Paradoxically, if there are so many that you do not fight with each other ...

Here is a demo video of 2 male Betta fighting fish ...

Information on how to raise Betta fish! Betta fish breeding: The definitive guide - made of exotic fish The definitive guide on the breeding of Betta fish. Step by step instructions on how to raise these beautiful fish. Have fun! Keep multiple Betta fish, without aggression In order to have low or no level of aggression among your newly captured Betta fish, you have to take care of some of the factors described below.

The size of your Betta aquarium does matter! Most people usually have 5 gallons of water for Betta fish. This means that if you want to mark a male and female Betta fish in the same tank, be sure to have 10 gallons of water in the aquarium and it will do pretty well. Also, if you want to acquire a large amount of Betta fish, be sure to keep the amount of 5 liters per Betta fish. This will give them a lot of space, so they do not force the others.

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