To completely dismiss the rightness and opportunities for young people to learn from each other and grow together in a habitat such as cohabitation is certainly wrong. For two people to come together, the right people, the right time… the state stating that you are legally married makes little difference when the two are truthfully and whole heartedly married in every other way. REPLY

Goddiva May 8, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Sound solid advice! Black women especially need to heed this. Too many women [specifically Black] have settled for shacking up and/or being baby momma’s when what they really wanted was to be a wife FIRST. You will get pro-cohabitator, naysayers and commitment phobes who will say you are wrong and I say the women in these groups are the same one’s bullshitting themselves about the status and progression of their relationships. I have no desire to “play” wife and doing all of these extras for a man who hasn’t made a commitment to me especially if what I want is MARRIAGE and not to ‘play’ house.

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