But ever since the Chuck post hipsters have been slowly taking over one segment of entertainment like cockroaches. That segment is the comedy section. John Stewart had been holding it down for them for minute but hipsters weren’t happy with that. Like little bastard orphans hungry for soup, they wanted more. Soon came Flight of the Conchords, then Arrested Development went off the air unleashing the Dark Hipster child prince Michael Cera to make hipster yuck yuck films like Juno and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist of the faggy, There’s SNL’s Lonely Island Boys, John Hodgman, SWPL the blog, The College Humor show

Obviously as you can see the genre has reached a tipping point or so I thought until I saw the newest hipster show on Comedy Central…. Important Things with Demetri Martin. Is it bad…. well let’s just say I’d rather crush glass, mix the glass up with KY, pour the KY/crushed glass onto a Brillo pad and jerk off while Pink’s “Sober” plays in the background. For serious this hipster variety show is filled with one too many hipster cliches. Fifteen minutes into the show it was already played out. Sketches included a yellow belt fights depression, The Revenger, A parking fight between two nerd New Yorkers who are trying to act tough. Jokes using charts and graphs about fractions, and of course the hipster cliche of telling jokes while playing an instrument (guitar and harmonica).

(kiss the ring bitches) woodyallen.jpg

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