Kevin’s an acquirer. He and his gal have checklists of needs that apparently can be met by both parties. In Ms. Fits, he has acquired a life partner. Which I guess makes me a merger. I’ve got my own life story but am jazzed by the possibility of being woven into another person’s story so a whole new tale can unfold. Acquirers don’t want the hassle of creating a new entity. But mergers want to discover the new galaxy that will take shape after the big bang blast of two souls colliding. They have the urge to, uh, merge.

Surely, if you want to build something with another person, the puzzle pieces of your lives need to fit in some way. But in the long run, do you stay together because the new entity is made up of the right parts, or because you’re so mad about each other, you make it work?

Like most folks, I look for evidence to support my own beliefs. Therefore, when Kevin suggested we go back to his pad for a more intimate reunion, I considered it proof that acquisition is the least effective dating strategy. If his gal was such a great match, what gaps was he trying to fill by reaching back into history with me? I politely declined the offer then found out from a mutual friend six months later that Kevin had not only married Ms. Fits, but she was seven months pregnant.

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