lovelysexybeauty PERMALINK September 29, 2009 1:00 pm Novaseeker – that’s a good point. I don’t think all guys leave girl-hunting behind for sure, but I am surprised by the amount that do. I worry that I may have to compromise with mr. popular and that he may be one of those guys who has flings on the side. Maybe I’ll have to start Bhetti’s Arab woman inciting jealousy thing early ;-). Default User – hey you! So glad you are back again, saw the posts about that on Roissy. About spatial vs. emotional and other types of intelligence, there are definitely some people who are really smart in some areas but not others. But then there are those who are brilliant in all – I feel like that’s what some of the “upper class” society types have. They can be tactical or analytical enough to invent things or be creative, but also have the social skills to make their ideas happen.

Bhetti PERMALINK* September 29, 2009 3:44 pm

Above: featuring The Hair Toss that beat aoefe at the Olympics.

I never didn’t understand the obsession with popularity and clique divides in American television. It didn’t seem to me so clearly demarcated to me and even so, why make it such an issue of angst? The ‘popular’ crowd are postively villified, with negative attributes given them simply for daring to be socially adjusted. It brainwashes kids into thinking that they’re not liked because they’re not evil, or some such nonsense.

Personal experience I’ve been on both sides of the popular/unpopular divide and bothered by neither. I did manage to gain a fair amount of popularity in my high school by virtue of intelligence, looking only pretty on special occasions (thus generating that Prom Effect — I think Default User coined this expression) and projecting niceness/humily about it, I think. As well as not being afraid to put myself out there, be a little silly. I’ve always not responded to negative comments; occasionally turned them into compliments. Think that resulted in either guilt or change of tactics in anyone doing them. Kids aren’t that bad and everyone needed help in their own little ways, especially if we’re talking ‘popular kids’ in a lower socioeconomic area. You get the impression that everyone’s putting a front up; I think I tried to be more genuine with people and myself, not so self-conscious.

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